RSS 2018 once again delivers with the latest updates on dynamic and fast-changing world of hotel revenue strategy. Kicking off the morning with a discussion around AirBnb and wrapping the event with an introduction to the world of blockchain in the travel industry, we have an agenda filled with insights on what is driving revenue for hotels today.

7:30a – 8:30a


8:30a – 9:00a


Patrick Bosworth
CEO and Co-Founder

Cindy Estis Green
Co-Founder and CEO
Kalibri Labs

Stacy Silver
Silver Hospitality Group

AirBnb – A Casual Stay or a Hotel Play?

Taking aim at the big brands and OTAs all in one go, Airbnb is not only planning their foray into the hotel space; it is already here, with 15,000 hotel listings and counting.

9:00a – 10:00a

Reordering the Hospitality Universe

Airbnb, Alibaba and now Google, Facebook and Amazon eye travel as a lucrative vertical to build out their power bases. How has the value proposition and role of the hotel brands changed? Where are we headed? Are the management companies taking on the legacy role played for years by the brands? What does this man for the OTAs? Is there a place for new entrants? How will hotel valuations be impacted by the shifting sands of the digital marketplace? How will technology drive changes in the traditional disciplines like direct sales?

Brian Berry
Senior Vice President of Sales and Data Analytics

Romy Bhojwani, MRICS, CHA, CHAM,
Executive Vice President

10:00a – 10:30a

Networking Break

10:30a – 11:00a

Innovator’s Insight: “Alexa – What is this session about?”

Voice-activated assistants may trigger a sea change in the way search has been conducted for years. What does this mean for traditional search and for the legacy OTA model? Will embedding into Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant become the new mode of product placement? At what cost?

Kevin Scholl
Director, Digital Marketing and Partnerships
Red Roof

11:00a – Noon

New Players, New Models: Who Are the Next Disruptors?

There is always a fresh crop of new entrants hoping to shake things up in the hospitality space. During this session a range of tech companies will test out their product/market fit with a panel of seasoned industry executives who will ask questions, give suggestions and weigh in with their predictions on adoption.

David Eisen
Questex Hospitality Group

Andrea Grigg
Executive Vice President, Head of Asset Management, North America
JLL Hotels & Hospitality

Richard E. Pastorino, ISHC
REVPAR International, Inc.

Leticia Proctor
Senior Vice President,
Sales, Revenue Management, and Digital Strategies
PM Hospitality

Noon – 1:00p

Networking Lunch

At lunch, guests will have the opportunity to mingle with colleagues from across the industry.

1:00p – 1:45p

Street Talk

Private equity and Wall Street investors put a spotlight on the public companies in the hotel industry: C-corps, tech companies and the REITs. From an investment standpoint, where is the health of the industry? And how do the developments discussed in the morning sessions weigh on the fundamentals of the broader travel and technology sectors? What affect will this have on private equity and the private and independent ownership?

Patrick Bosworth
CEO and Co-Founder

Lloyd Walmsley
Deutsche Bank Securities

1:45P – 3:00p

AI and Predictive Modeling: Three Perspectives

AI and predictive modeling are being built into most consumer facing technology we use every day, so what are the early use cases for hospitality? Presenters will give case studies of some early applications in the use of data to drive the hotel business. .

1.) Merchandising: Will the hospitality industry build its own Amazon-like recommendation engine?

2.) Guest Experience/Personalization – how can consumer data be mined to match services with guest preferences and consistently deliver on it?

3.) Hotel budgets: Will statistical models one day be robust enough to automatically derive hotel budgets?

Dan Hang
Chief Product Officer

Jos Schaap
CEO and Co-Founder

3:00p – 3:30p

Networking Break

3:30p – 4:15p

Revenue Strategy in the Digital Age: It Really Works

Leaders of the pack: these companies have invested in the tools, training and processes to transition from the siloed approach of revenue management, sales and digital to the integrated and holistic discipline of revenue strategy. What were the pain points and biggest achievements of the progress? What did it take to make the leap? What were the biggest drivers to blow up the legacy approach and rebuild with the new?

Kathleen Cullen
Senior Vice President,
Revenue & Distribution
Two Roads Hospitality

Andrew Jordan
Chief Marketing Officer
Interstate Hotels & Resorts

4:15P – 5:00p

Blockchain – Keynote

The new technology of blockchain has garnered a lot of interest but mostly around its use for cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Are there other viable applications for blockchain in hospitality? Is it ready for prime time yet or just a new buzzword? This session will feature a big-picture viewpoint from a consultancy who has studied its use in travel and a point of view from a company that is focused on building a blockchain-based distribution platform for hospitality and travel.

Jessica McLaughlin-Stansbury
Oliver Wyman

5:00P – 6:00p

Closing Reception

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